Texting While Driving

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When it comes to the topic of texting while driving, most of us will readily agree that it is dangerous to the safety of oneself and others. Where this argument usually ends, however, is on the question of whether texting while driving should be illegal or not. Whereas some are convinced that driving and texting is a safe mixture. I believe driving while texting should be illegal because it distracts the driver from keeping themselves and others safe. It has been argued that texting while driving should not be banned because it is just as distracting as eating, putting on make-up, or listening to music while driving. Most people do a lot of these activities, but do they measure up to texting while driving? Although, texting while driving is considered in category of car distraction, it is a more dangerous activity than the rest. The Editors say “Talking on a cellphone while driving makes a person four times more likely to be in a crash” (NY Times paragraph 4). Moreover, the chat on the cellphone is what distracts people. If texting while driving is eventually banned in the United States, could it be enforced? Some argue that police cannot enforce drivers who text. Although, this method is direct there is another strategy that enforces drivers who text. The high visibility mobilization strategy is a method that the government uses to aware people of new laws. As the Editors state “High visibility mobilization can cause people to change their high-risk behavior and comply with the law” (NY Times paragraph 9). Therefore, this method can be applied to cell phone laws. In fact, it is proven that texting while driving is very hazardous. In addition, there are studies that show the effects of talking on the phone while driving. Research shows that talking on the phone is the same as driving drunk (NY Times paragraph 16). Furthermore, this shows that talking on the

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