Texting and Driving: Today's Distracted Youth Essay

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Textmobiling: Today's Distracted Youth Lisa Drubec Rhetoric and Introductory Research Writing October 27th, 2013 Gregory Bultman Textmobiling: Today's Distracted Youth "Sounds good my man, seeya soon, ill tw," read his last words in this lifetime. (UPI.com, para 3.) That sentence is a half constructed text message sent while driving. Texting and driving to be exact. How many times have you had the conversation with your teen driver about the dangers of this behavior? I am willing to bet, multiple upon multiple times. And I am also willing to bet, you were met with an eye roll and a “I know mom/dad; I got it” comment. Yet, day after day, teens are putting themselves and others in dire straits on the road by using their cell phones for social media and texting while behind the wheel. An epidemic of sorts centering around today's youth; texting and driving is becoming a commonplace practice. In a world of “Benifer and Brangelina” it's no surprise the combination of texting and driving has merged to create textmobiling. With this knowledge, policy makers have enacted text bans is most U.S. States. While most would think this would help the situation, the reverse is actually true. Research has shown that accidents from texting and driving has actually increased since the bans. “In all 4 of the study states, crashes increased among drivers younger than 25 after the all-driver bans took effect. In California, Louisiana, and Washington, the increases for young drivers were greater than for drivers 25 and older. The largest crash increase of all (12 percent) following enactment of a texting ban was among young drivers in California.” (IIHS.org, para 8.) Where then does this leave lawmakers in combating this issue? Textmobiling is a very real issue which endangers our youth and the adults driving in

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