Cell Phone Use While Driving Essay

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Cell Phone Usage While Driving COM/156 Texting while driving can become very dangerous, not only to you as a driver, but also to the other people that may be in the vehicle with you. It is also very dangerous to the other people in vehicles around you. I believe that it is also dangerous to individuals who may be walking down the street as well. There are many distractions of texting when driving a motor vehicle. Visual distraction is caused by taking your eyes off the road to check a text message, or to reply to a text message. Just taking your eyes off the road for a second can be a very fatal move. Manual distraction is caused by taking your hands off the steering wheel to pick your phone up to check your messages or to answer a call. If you do not keep your hands on the wheel, it can cause you to swerve into another lane, or lose control of your vehicle. Cognitive distraction is when you take your mind and focus off of what you are doing. Such as, driving, by taking focus off of the road and focusing on your phone, this is a bad move. You are putting your life and other people’s lives at stake by losing full concentration of driving safely. It is very easy to become distracted when driving if you are not careful. Texting while driving is a big safety threat. Texting includes, composing, sending, reading emails and text messages. This is a very serious issue today. Any types of these actions can be fatal to others and injure individuals. Stopping distances for an email have been discovered, that it takes thirty-six feet to come to a complete stop. Sending text messages adds seventy feet to come to a complete stop. Texting while driving not only puts you at risk for harm to yourself. You can run red lights; you can respond incorrectly to a road sign or not see it all, which could cause a collision. Especially texting at night is severely dangerous due
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