Everyday Dangers Essay

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There are many everyday risks that people do not realize they could have been putting themselves or loved ones through. These dangers could be very minor or the could even be deadly. The possibilities of something happening are always present and almost never ending as to what can happen. The dangers of a ride from your house to the local grocery could put you in the worst case scenario. Dangers when driving can be associated to your driving, with the other drivers, maybe even the weather. When you are driving you are in control of the vehicle. Never get unfocused. While driving things could go from bad to worse very quickly. Driving is commonly the most dangerous thing anyone does across the world. There are so many factors when driving that could make it a life or death situation. The number one issue with driving is teenage drivers they are more dangers because of the irresponsibility. All the teenagers text and drive and they think it is cool not to wear a seatbelt. This day in life teens think more narrow minded and less about the big picture. They never realize how bad a situation could turn out until they or someone they are very close to goes through the situation. One of my biggest fears is the danger that other drivers cause me to have. The other drivers are always far to distracted to pay attention and if they are not paying attention the probability of a wreck increases dramatically. Other driver never realizes how big of a threat that they propose to the general public whenever they do not pay attention to what is going on around them. For example, just recently someone had died in a car crash because the other driver veered over into the other lane while they were texting and driving. The weather also plays a large role in how it affects people daily lives while driving. When it rains, snows, or sleets, there are precautionary measures that

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