The Dangers of Driving Will Speak on the Cell Phone

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The Dangers of Driving will speak on the cell phone General Purpose The general purpose of this essay is to keep the nation awer of the dangers of using the cell phone and driving Specific Purpose The goal of this essay is to examine the effects of using a cell phone well driving in general Central idea Why using a cell phone will divine is considered very dangers ? Introduction Research shows that using a mobile phone while driving increases the risk of crashing by at least four times. Driving is a complex task, requiring drivers to use and coordinate a number of skills. Any lapse in concentration increases the risk of the vehicle being involved in a crash. According to my local radio station that retrieving and sending any types of messages increases the amount of time a driver spends not looking at the road. Your eyes maybe taken off the road for up to four times longer when messaging compared to when not messaging when driving. It is very difficult as a driver to processing two or more pieces of information at the same time, especially if the tasks are similar or they demand more attention than the driver can give at one time. According to the department of planning in Australia using the Mobil phone while driving increases the risk of having a car acceding by four time one of the most common types of crashes associated ‘run-off-the-road’ Research has found drivers who use a mobile phone spend less time looking at the road ahead. They are also more likely to wander over the road (across traffic lanes) and take longer to notice driving hazards. Using a mobile phone while driving distracts Mobile phone can distract a driver Physical, Visual or Cognitiv Distraction can be defined as any time a driver diverts his/her attention from the driving task to any other task for example talking on a cell phone, eating, reading, or adjusting

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