Phones While Driving

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I would consider adopting the new law of cell phone use being banned while operating a motor vehicle. I say this because of all the accidents that have occurred with teens and even elder people talking on the phone while driving. Also, because cell phones can be a distraction, even when the cell phone is not in use. There are many reasons why cell phones usage should be banned while driving I will only state a few but at the end of my essay you will understand my reasoning. Cell phone usage while driving is a very touchy subject. Cell phones can be very dangerous while operating a motor vehicle. I believe that cell phones are the most distracting thing while operating a motor vehicle. I have done research to back up my theory and most care accidents caused by teens in the past few years was while texting and or answer a phone. This law would minimize the number of accidents that occur, I do believe. If cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle was against the law, I do believe it would only be far if the computers in a cop car should also be illegal. I say this because most of the time cops are focused on the computer and if they weren’t distracted by the computer they would also be able to prevent accidents that occur because of speeding. Another reason to adopt the law of cell phone usage while operating a motor vehicle would be because texting is against the law and we as citizens are required to follow the laws. It is overall dangerous to talk on the phone, and or text while operating a motor
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