Smart Cars Essay

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1. A. What determines a “smart” car? (what makes a smart car, smart?) A smart car has additional technologies that help drivers by improving their safety when driving. These supplementary technologies make sure the driver does not fall asleep while on the wheel, lets him or her appreciate distance better when driving and parking and they also help drivers control their speed by giving their advice if they are going too fast for the respective terrain, for example. B. What is a smart road? A smart road is a road that has an IT system that communicates with the IT system that is found in smart cars. The smart road communicates potential dangers to the smart car such as the recommended speed, if there are any obstacles in the way, the amount of traffic, etc. C. What are the foreseen benefits of smart cars and smart roads? Major safety increase for automobiles because the smart cars and roads would give information that would greatly reduces the chances of accidents. The major reason for accidents is speeding and smart cars would warn the drivers when they are going too fast and tell them to break. Traffic would also be greatly reduced because the driver would know which roads have heavy traffic and they would avoid them. 2. Describe three different types of IT used to make smart cars unique. • Hypovigilance system. A seat that monitors how awake the driver is. It has a pulse and breathing monitor and it detects the signs of drowsiness which were studied by scientists. An alarm goes off and the seat starts shaking if these symptoms are present. There are other ways of implementing a hypovigilance system such as sensors on the wind shield that measures your pupil dilation. • Night vision display. Sensors are on the front and rear of the car and on the time of night drivers have much more visibility. The night vision display is located on the board
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