Stick vs Auto

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Stick shift cars are very popular in our society. Most of the guys that love cars prefer to drive a manual car. They are more difficult to drive and you need to be skilled to drive them. Why not to choose an automatic car that makes your driving experience more comfortable, especially while driving in heavy traffic. It is easier to drive an automatic car (it has no clutch or shifter). However, people who drive stick shift cars have a total control of the engine of the car. Cars with automatic transmissions are great to drive around because they do not require too much driving skills. Everybody can drive an automatic car, but not everybody can drive a manual because you need the skills to change gears. People who don’t like to drive usually will choose an automatic car and this can be a problem. They often do not pay as much attention as they should. Automatic cars have improved through the times with modern chips that have developed better shifting and a better response by just pressing the gas pedal. Stick shift cars are more fun because they are more challenging. For example, race cars use manual transmissions. They have some advantages like they are very fuel efficient. Also can respond better to the driver which makes them safer. People who are used to shifting gears will focus more on their driving making it more efficient and safe. When shifting gears down to reduce speed, you are saving money on brake repairs (rotors, pads, calipers). They have more power and the driving experience is more interesting. Race drivers use the stick shift to take driving to a higher level for maximum performance. It depends on each one’s personality to decide which is better. Every single car is made for driving and it should be fun. I love to drive stick shift because I feel that I have the control of every part of the car. Always remember to drive safely and buckle
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