Banning Cell Phone Use

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Does banning cell phone use while driving decrease the accident rate? Nowadays almost everyone has a cell phone. It is very common to see drivers talking on the phone while they are commuting to work, school or just everyday errands. Studies have shown that using a cellphone while driving can be just as dangerous driving while impaired . Many accidents occur due to cell phone use because the majority of people are not able to do it safely (2009). It is common for people to not be focused on the road or other drivers if having a conversation while driving. Just as when impaired, the use of a cell phone while driving can slow down your response and reflex time. Most people are over confident about their capabilities of driving while using a cell phone, just as those that think they are okay to drive while they are impaired. Some states have banned the use of use of cellphone use unless used with a hands free device and some states banned texting while driving. If all cell phone use is banned while driving, some accidents will not occur. Are accidents rates lower for drivers that do not use cell phones? We know that car accidents happen daily, caused by faulty equipment and weather. The truth of the matter is that sometimes accidents cannot be avoided, but if adding in a distraction such as cell phone use, it increases the accident rate. If the use of cell phones is removed entirely, accident rates will decrease. When drivers have no distractions, they are more apt to avoid accidents. It can be said that anything can be a distraction, such as turning the radio station, but radios has been in cars since cars were made but yet the accident rate has increased since the popularity of cell phones. In order to get a driver’s license, one must past a driving test. This test establishes the skill and performance of a driver as well as concentration, which requires a lot of
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