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Question 1a i) Exhibition items for museum 1) Map: A modern map of the Arctic 2) Photograph: Arctic sea ice 3) Data: The recent climate of the Arctic region 4) Object: A sample of Martin Frobisher’s ‘gold’ ore? 5) Picture: The Sea of Ice by Casper David Friedrich (1823-1824) [pic] (ii) 1) Where’s the Arctic ?: A modern world map will give accurate positioning of countries and continents through longitude and latitude, the Arctic however is an area defined by environmental conditions, so cannot be accurately defined adding difficulties in mapping areas seen by the inter-polar countries as their territories. 2) Lost landscape: Photos of this part of our world may well be all we have left to remind us of what existed. A mid-century mean earth temperature rise could see this frozen landscape transformed into a permanent seascape. With indigenous communities and wildlife driven further afield, more governmental pressures to acquire territorial waters will increase. 3) What it about? : Scientific data such as graphs and tables may seem a little odd when displayed as an exhibit, but when explained with corresponding evidence, a picture soon emerges, however one countries fact maybe another countries fiction when large areas of oil and mineral wealth are at stake. 4) Fools Gold: Expeditions to map and discover lucrative sea routes such as the North –West passage, laying claim to the Arctic in the name of Queen Elizabeth I and the hope of finding gold to pay for such ventures, only succeeded in unearthing worthless black rock which built a nice wall. 5) Another Planet : Visualising an almost ‘alien’ style landscape from an early nineteenth century imagination, from stories and legends of the horrific failures of man to explore such inhospitable regions, can only enhance the view that perhaps nature will
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