Christopher Columbus: True History Related With The Native American Indians

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The Columbus, true history related with the Native American Indians, human progress, color line, and the English cruel remark. As Columbus was approaching the island shores of the Arawak people, they were so intrigued that they swam out to get a better look at the boat. When Columbus arrived, they offered to trade items with him. Columbus thought they were fine people but knew they weren’t too educated, he even considered making them slaves. What Columbus actually wanted was the lands, gold, silver since he was promised 10%of the profits and the title “admiral of the sea” for bringing back gold, spices. When he saw some Arawak with gold earrings, he was forced to imprison them and lead him to the gold. No gold was found but because of his absurd and exaggerated report his 2nd expedition was given more ships and men to get the gold and slaves hence the great slave raid of 1945.after this Arawaks fought back with little success and the mass suicides began to save themselves from the Spaniards.…show more content…
They killed a total of 247 people which started a war. Shortly after, the Powhatan’s were eliminated. After a war with the Pequot’s began, resulting in 600 Pequot’s deaths and 45 years later they fought again. By 1774 there were only 51 Indians left. An ambiguous drive led to the extinction of the Indian race. J Saunders Redding an American black writer, she describes an impressed arrival of a ship in North America in the year of 1619. It was a very strange ship. The promptitude how handle the trade was scary. At the time the difference of race it wasn’t too important to the world as it was to the United Stated. To appreciate the difference of race we not need to go far, yes ask why white indentured even if they were servant they was treated differently than the black

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