Macdonald Confederation Speech: The Intercolonial Railway Of Canada

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Sir John A. Macdonald Confederation Speech History Assignment Kaltun Abdirahman Dave Nesbitt CHI4U 07/11/14 Honourable members, in this speech I would like to state some of the internal and external factors that influence the confederation of Canada. There are numerous influences which have caused us to consider becoming a confederation. The internal factors include political standstill resulting from the current political structure and The Intercolonial Railway of Canada which would improve trade, military movement, and transportation in general. On the other hand, the external factors include the American civil war, the U.S. doctrine of Manifest Destiny and the Fenian raids. Now, in regards to the comparative advantages of a Legislative…show more content…
The Province of Canada wishes to improve land-based transportation with the Atlantic coast colonies and this would serve as a vital military purpose during the winter months when the waters of the St. Lawrence River are frozen and shipping is impossible. Also, it would similarly serve an economic purpose for the Maritimes by opening up year-round access to new markets. (Hear,…show more content…
They strongly believe that it is their destiny to travel west and expand throughout the continent. We have fended off American invasions, during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, therefore we can continue to withstand their beliefs and protect what is ours. (Hear, hear). To the right honourable representative of New Brunswick, we understand your struggle with the threat of Fenian raids. If you are willing to join the confederation, we will ensure the safety of your people. (Hear, hear). In conclusion, I would again urge the House not to let this opportunity pass as it is an opportunity that may never recur. If we do not take advantage of the time, it may never return and we will bitterly regret our failure to seize the moment and embrace the happy opportunity now offered of founding a great nation under the fostering care of Great Britain, and our Sovereign Lady, Queen

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