Important Events In Canadian History

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Friday January 10th 2014 Canada’s great History Have you ever wondered what kind of country Canada would be and what its economy would be like if none of the historical events that we study today had occurred? There are many important events In Canadian history and three that are greatly important to study are the battle of Vimy Ridge’ the Canadian Bill of Rights, and The Baby Boom. All three events are very important and will forever be important in Canadian history. The first event in Canadian history that is important to study is Vimy Ridge. Vimy Ridge is important because it’s a defining moment in Canadian history. The reason why it is a defining moment is because it was the first great Canadian victory where the underestimated Canadian…show more content…
The Canadian bill of rights was the rights brought to action by John Diefenbaker’s government and is a defining moment in Canadian history because as of August 10th 1960 the rights of humans were protected, there became no discrimination, humans received certain freedoms, freedom of religion, and human equality became enforced by this law. The Canadian bill of rights created peace and granted humans the rights they deserved but a controversial question to ask is if Diefenbaker was not elected for prime minister would the Bill of Rights have been enforced and if we would be living the way we are today. John Diefenbaker helped give humans their rights and I do not think with out him becoming prime minister we would be living this way. This event was a huge headline in papers and the bill of rights made sure there would not be a repeat of the suffering of humans in world war two. The historical impact that made this a significant to Canadian history is that the Canadian Bill of Rights gave everyone in Canada the freedom and rights. This is why it is important to study this second issue in Canadian…show more content…
It is important to study the baby boom because the baby boom was a period of time in history where the war was over and people felt like it was a time to start their futures and leave what happened in the past behind. The birth rate greatly increased and people became more confident and starting families helped get over depressions after the war. The baby boom also transformed Canada into a youth society, which meant many new schools were created and new children’s toys were being created. This created jobs for teachers and for people to create children’s toys. The shortage of teachers meant ads being created to hire teachers. Not all Canadians were qualified for this job so many educated immigrants came into Canada and were able to teach the children. This also later on lead to an increase in bigger sized homes and later on universities, which helped Canada, become a growing economy. A controversial question about the baby boom was weather or not the baby boom would have happened if the Second World War did not happen would the baby boom have occurred? No the baby boom would not have happened if the second world war had not happened because many of the men met their brides at war and took them back into Canada which resulted in the baby boom. The baby boom first started at the end of the war in late 1940’s and 1950’s and kept growing till the 1970’s. The historical impact of the baby boom was it

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