Pierre Elliott Trudeau

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau was one of the greatest prime ministers in Canada’s history. During his time in power he accomplished the balance of equality between the English and French Canadians, he passed many acts and bills, and he kept Quebec united with Canada by giving an awe inspiring speech. All of his goals made an impact on Canada to grow as one nation. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was truly an inspiring prime minister through the political and social impression he made on Canada and the world. Pierre Elliot Trudeau kept Canada united by avoiding the separation of Quebec. Trudeau gave a very powerful speech on May 14, 1980 in Quebec. A vote was to be made whether or not Quebec was to be separated from Canada. Trudeau pointed out in his speech that Quebec was the national government of French Canadians and the French Canadians and the French culture should be protected. Trudeau wanted French Canadians to feel more comfortable and to feel like they belonged to Canada by saying, “Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them (Trudeau)”. To make the French Canadians feel more at home, Trudeau created a magazine called Cité Libre (Britannica Online, 1), meaning Community of the Free. Trudeau passed an act which made French and English the official languages of Canada. The Official Languages Act made federal offices offer services in both English and French. Trudeau wanted to balance the equality between French and English Canada so he could preserve the French culture in Canada. Pierre Elliott Trudeau came from English and a French background as well, so that is the reason why he cared so dearly about both the French and English Canadians. Trudeau mentions his French and English background during a speech in May 1980: I was told that no more than two

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