Lester B Pearson

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News Report January, 16th, 2009 Mr.Bussell CHC 2D0 – Period 5   Lester Bowels Pearson, the 14th prime minister of Canada is thought to be the greatest of all time. He received the noble peace prize and helped to save the world. Pearson accomplished so much for the country in his time as prime minister. While Pearson was prime minister he introduced the Canada Pension Plan, a national system of universal Medicare, the Commission on bilingualism and biculturalism, and the Maple Leaf Flag. Pearson also known as Mike, after becoming a member of the liberal party he was the minister of external affairs. He saved the world from total destruction during the Suez Canal crisis. At the United Nations Pearson used his quick thinking and proposed a solution. He was to send a peacekeeping force and maintain peace in the area. His idea had successfully worked and he was honoured with the noble peace prize. Born in 1897 in Newtown brook, Ontario Pearson‘s childhood was sports. He went to the University of Toronto and at the age of 18 he enlisted to fight in World War 1. After the war Pearson started teaching at the university. In 1963 Pearson was elected prime minister of Canada. Even though he did not have majority, he still introduced many programs that we are great full for to this day. Pearson made it possible for Canadians to receive free universal health care. He also created the CPP or Canadian Pension Plan. The Canadian flag that we see in schools and flag poles was also his idea. In 1968 Pearson retired from politics. Unfortunately he got cancer and later on died in 1972. Pearson was followed by Pierre Trudeau in office As a result of many of his actions and accomplishments, Lester B. Pearson demonstrated peace to the world. He created Canada's reputation as a neutral
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