Invovlment in World War One

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Canadian Involvement in World War I: Name: Geroylola 1. How soon after Britain entered World War I did Canada enter the war? - Canada was automatically at war when Britain entered war. 2. a. Summarize the contributions of Sam Hughes to Canada’s war effort in the following organizer: Positive Contributions to Canada’s War Effort|Negative Contributions to Canada’s War Effort| - He made a strong army for Canada- He increased the efficiency of the pre-war militia- led the Canadian war effort with enormous personal energy and drive- championed the purchase of the Canadian-made Ross rifle.|- was a poor organizer prone to patronage and cronyism in awarding military promotions and munitions contracts- He violently against those officers who tried to replace the Ross with his own accusations of incompetence and political malice.| b. Based on the information in your organizer, would you argue that Sam Hughes’ contributions were more positive or more negative? - Sam hughes had more positive contribution rather than the negative. c. Explain your answer using the examples from the organizer. -Sam huges contributed the strong army with his loud and bold voice , he championed the purchase of the Canadian-made weapon in the war; Ross rifle and he increasedthe efficiency of the pre-war militia. 3. Describe what it was like for a Canadian soldier fighting in World War I, based on what you see in the two paintings by Richard Jack (The Second Battle of Ypres (1915) and The Battle of Vimy Ridge (1917)) and the letters written by Sergeant Harry Leacock and Captain Harold Tylor. Organize your information in the following table: Paintings by Richard Jack|Letters| The Second Battle of Ypres (1915)|The Battle of Vimy Ridge (1917)|Sergeant Harry Leacock|Captain Harold Tylor| |||| 4. Identify and explain the importance of Ypres and Vimy Ridge to both
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