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Story : Annabel Lee Author : Edgar Allan Poe Central character : Annabel Lee Other characters : Unnamed narrator & the sea Setting : Kingdom by the sea Narrator : unnamed narrator & lover of Annabel Lee Events in Summary : Annabel Lee was to be married to the narrator and the narrator believed this to be a The unnamed daughter love envied by the very heavens. He states that one day that a wind was sent to chill Annabel Lee to death. When she died her family came and buried her in a tomb by the sea. But even in death the narrator tells us their love could not be stopped that he dreamed of her. When the stars where out he saw her. And at night he slept beside his “wife” in her tomb by their kingdom by the sea. Tone : Style : Grim Insanity Anapests & Rhythm and Rhyme stanzas Irony : That his love would die from what would seem a common cold and the narrator would go insane reliving this (what was probably puppy) love and sleeping in a tomb beside her. He also mentions her “highborn kinsmen” coming and taking her away – which during that period meant that they were on different social levels and would not have been allowed to married had she l lived. Theme : Symbols : Romeo/Juliet style love story done with Poe insanity “Kingdom” by the sea probably gave reference to her nobility Evaluation : Poe likes to make sure that you read every line of his writings. These two young lovers were probably having a secret “affair” which at that time meant secretly meeting up and walking along the shore and holding hands, and maybe a kiss or two. This was nothing serious, and had it been allowed to play out naturally it would have been first love puppy love. Nothing more. But because Annabel Lee was ripped from him by nothing more than a common cold, the narrator lost his mind, and began to believe that the angels were jealous of their love. So jealous in

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