Examples Of Archetype In Romeo And Juliet

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I have chosen to write this paper on Romeo. Romeo is a young noble boy who is the son of Montague who is the head of the Montague family. Romeo fell in love with a young lady by the name of Juliet. Juliet is a Capulet, which are sworn enemies to the Montague family. They decided to get married after their “love fest” in the garden, and this is where their adventure began. The first archetype I have chosen for Romeo was a rebel. Romeo fits this archetype because he is inclined to resist authority and the authority that he is going against is his families’ laws. Romeo is courting Juliet discreetly behind their families back. Romeo is not supposed to have any dealings with her, yet he still fights for love. Therefore no kinsmen are let to him.…show more content…
In my opinion this archetype fits Romeo to a “tee” because Romeo embarked on a great task when he made the choice to get married to Juliet. Romeo went through a lot of work just to arrange a secret wedding. Romeo talked to Friar Laurence to convince him to do the ceremony and to find Juliet’s messenger nurse. All at the same time He got the task done, still knowing that He is in a great sense of danger. The last archetype I chose for Romeo was the fall. Romeo fits this archetype because after marrying Juliet (the love of his life) He gets an incomplete message from his trusty servant. This sends Romeo furious and his emotions in an uproar. Romeo goes to see if the news is true. When he arrived at the family chamber he sees her laying there still, he gives her one last gentle kiss on her lips. Romeo then pulls out a bottle of poison and drinks it. That is the fall of
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