How Is Daisy Portrayed In The Great Gatsby

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Perception In the book The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby perceptions have led to his demise through the way Gatsby views the world, how Daisy has changed from when they last met and how Gatsby thinks he is the son of god. Gatsby show cases his house on how he views the rich being extraordinary lifestyle by imitating a castle like home, with bright lights and having party’s everyday to seduce Daisy to see how wealthy Gatsby has become. Gatsby’s first down fall was how he saw the world. When Gatsby showcases his richness, he thought what rich people would act and celebrate when having all this cash. Gatsby constructed his home to be like castle with bright and having party’s everyday to seduce Daisy to see how wealthy Gatsby has…show more content…
Gatsby shows his relevance as a son of god by trying to obtain what has happened in the past, emotions and hopefulness. On page 45 Gatsby illustrates his son of god relevance by show casing library to owl-eyed-man, he assumed that most of the bottom books were fake and just for looks, but when touching the bottom shelf he noticed that the books were all genuine. This symbolized that Gatsby was not a fake; he is all real as they can be. When Gatsby was talking to Nick about how he had obtained his new money by first selling drugs and then went to a legitimate business, Nick knows that Gatsby was lying but at the same time he was telling the truth like the son of god would have done. When the girls start to sing the song “I’m the Sheik of Araby. Your love belongs to me. At night when your’re asleep Into your tent I’ll creep” this shows how Gatsby has the power to take back the love that Daisy has given to once and knows that it can happen once again like when they last met. When Gatsby is talking to Nick on page 152, Gatsby mentions how Tom never loved Daisy as much as he did to her. Gatsby enforces that he and Daisy should be together even thought that Daisy has moved on and let go of the past and got married and with a child. Gatsby could not have changed what had happened to Daisy after they last saw each other. Gatsby then accepted the fact that he does not have the power to change what has happened and now accepted his fate and died when Wilson shot him like how the son of god died for the people by ending their suffering and to be a good
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