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The Marketing Plan Product or Service Concept The difference between craft and generic beer is widely known to beer connoisseurs and aficionados. The varied tastes and quality brews are what set craft beers above mass-produced generic beers. The craft beer industry has seen a unique following since the 1970s and its popularity doesn’t seem to be dissipating. In fact as of 2013, craft beer has experienced a 13.9% growth rate over 4.6% for super premium beer and 2.8% for imported beer (Demeter 2013). The restaurant industry is experiencing a similar growth spurt as the craft beer industry. As of March 2013, the National Restaurant Association has noted that the restaurant industry commands 47% of the national food dollar (NRA 2013). Red…show more content…
Engaging in a more comprehensive digital marketing plan adding social media mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinrest. Also, to go along with the free S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) campaign, a PPC (Pay per Click) campaign, which is positioning the company at the top of the searched page for easy visibility for consumers, will be used to maximize visual on Google bringing Red Engine Sports Bar to the forefront of its competition. In house marketing campaign will include: special beer brews; Twilight beer bash; customer special brew recipe contests; and special college clubs sponsored events. Red Engine Sports Bar will also enter local and state beer tasting festivals and contest. The upscale interior design will set the Red Engine Sports Bar apart from its competition. Attracting a more sophisticated sport enthusiast and college students, the business will provide a quality space to watch sporting events during lunch, happy hour and…show more content…
Taking advantage of this opportunity will be Red Engine Restaurant & Brewery's express ride toward product recognition and a viable position in the market. Holding celebrity V.I.P nights and have Morris Peterson host events to draw in the crowds. Location Upon receiving your request for help in comprising of a business plan, I took the liberty of researching the address of the location of which you will be establishing your business and developed a potential market plan. Red Engine Sports Bar will be located at 102 S. Leroy Street, in Fenton, MI, the former establishment of the Fenton Fire Hall in the heart of downtown Fenton where public parking is ample for intended use. The building is 6000 sq. ft. and is strategically situated adjacent to the Shiawassee River, Mill Pond Park, City Hall, Community Center and the Post Office (LoopNet. Inc. 2013). These combinations would make very appealing scenery for customers and enhance the ambience of the business. According to the U.S. Census bureau statistics, the population of Fenton is approximately 11, 756, with a growth rate of 11.09%. (, 2013) and has a land area of 636.98 sq. mi., (,

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