Shuttle Lodge Proposals

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April 28, 2009 Shuttle Lodge 3800 Washington Avenue Titusville, FL 33123 Dear Shuttle Lodge Representative: We are writing to you to congratulate you as we are offering you an amazing opportunity to be our host. Our staff at Save the Children Foundation will need a host for our conference from Friday, July 3 to Sunday, July 5. We have narrowed our choices down to include your motel because we have heard marvelous things about your large sized motel with comfortable and adequate conference space. Save the Children Foundation is committed to eliminating major health problems by preventing, saving lives, research, education, and service from helping volunteers nationwide. Research into these will determine the causes of major heath issues and enhance ability to prevent and cures diseases. Top of the line medical institutes allow to further…show more content…
Things that would be required for the speakers will be: podium, screen, online computer, PowerPoint, projector, laser pointer, etc. The largest of your conference rooms would be great in order to accommodate they entirety of our guest comfortably. The dates that have been set for the conference are Friday, July 3, thru Sunday, July 5. There are various ways that hosting our conference will definitely benefit your motel with lots of free publicity. Free adverting is one way. Your motel’s name, Shuttle Lodge, will be featured below the conference name on any banners, and advertisements. The local media will also publicize the conference being hosted at you motel and attract many more organizations to contact your motel about holding conferences there. And finally we have a guest speaker that will draw a high amount of attention, because one of the guest speakers will be a high profile celebrity with ties to the charity. The things most needed would be the conference room, motel rooms, and
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