Qdoba Mexican Grill

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The franchise we plan on opening is the Qdoba Mexican Grill. Our restaurant will be opened in the Fruitland area located by the Wal-Mart, Texas Roadhouse, and Uno’s. Qdoba is the largest franchised fast-casual Mexican restaurant company. Qdoba was first opened in 1995 when two men imported the San Francisco style burrito to Colorado. The restaurant immediately won over customers and critics with their unique flavors and fresh ingredients. They have a variety of Mexican foods, including burritos, tacos, taco salads, nachos, quesadillas, soups, and their own signature flavors. Qdoba restaurants are set up as a build your own dish buffet. You can enjoy one of their offered signature dishes to you can specifically pick the items you want to enjoy. You begin by choosing from pulled pork, adobo-marinated grilled steak and chicken, slow-roasted shredded beef or seasoned ground beef, or you can choose to go vegetarian. Then you consider which beans you would like, either black or pinto. Next you choose one of the five unique salsas or four original sauces, and finally you choose to top it off with sour cream or cheese. These options will be provided for the customer along with our excellent service, friendly employees, and a sociable environment. Our target customers will mainly involve the college students from both Salisbury University and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. We will also target towards a family-friendly environment inviting a diverse group of individuals to enjoy our delicious Mexican food. We want to attract customers from the Salisbury, Fruitland, Princess Anne, and all other surrounding areas to enjoy our restaurant. We will communicate to our customers through the franchise’s marketing strategy and having signs posted outside our restaurant announcing when our grand opening is. Once the restaurant is opened, we will have specials and

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