Texas Roadhouse Essay

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Texas Roadhouse Charlene Craig GSU HRM 500 Dr. Robert Waldo May 25, 2012 In this assignment I will share my opinion about the phrase “If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers”; discuss alternative methods that can be used by Texas Roadhouse to motivate their employees and the effectiveness of those methods; and analyze the transferability of Texas Roadhouses’ motivational methods to other organizations. Texas Roadhouse was established in Indiana in 1993 by Kent Taylor. The family restaurant serves steaks, ribs, seafood and sides, but they are best known for their steaks, ribs and legendary specialty drinks. The restaurant operates 360 franchises in 47 states, and is currently considering international franchise requests (texasroadhouse.com). Texas Roadhouse believes in taking care of its employees and customers. The organization is active in communities where they do business, supporting local charities, schools and fundraisers. Texas Roadhouse calls their employees “Roadies” and claim that their employees are their top priority. The organization firmly believes that if their employees are happy, then their guest will inevitably have a wonderful experience at the restaurant. (texasroadhouse.com) Texas Roadhouse uses money and other methods to motivate their employees. For example, having competitions with $20,000 dollar prizes, and giving mangers $500 fun money to use for hosting barbeques or outings for employees. They also have a four day conference for managers, employees and their spouses. Texas Roadhouse also donated $1 million worth of labor and materials to a community service project they were involved in. Special programs to recognize and reward employees are also motivational methods used by the organization. (Noe, 2011) Texas Roadhouse CEO stated “If we take care
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