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Peking Gourmet Inn Chinese Restaurant Evaluation DeVry University Pecking Gourmet Inn is a local Chinese restaurant that offers authentic northern Chinese cuisine. Pecking gourmet was started in 1978 by Eddie Tsui who envisioned authentic taste that could only be achieved by growing his own jumbo spring onions as well as formulating his own recipe for hoisin sauce and hand crafting each pancake. My family and I evaluated Pecking Gourmet Inn Falls Church, VA because we love pecking duck and pecking gourmet is said to serve one of the best ducks in America. When I go into a new restaurant I tend to judge the establishment based on three general factors: the food, customer service, and the all-around atmosphere. When I decide on where to go out to eat I love trying new places that offer culture, consistency, and uniqueness that big restaurant chains typically do not provide. My evaluation will determine if pecking gourmet inn can backup their claims offering a unique northern Chinese cuisine and serving the best pecking duck in America. As a Chinese restaurant, pecking gourmet focuses on classic Chinese cuisine. With this in mind, pecking gourmet still managed to have several unique dishes on the menu. They offered ingredients that are locally grown and hand-picked by the chef daily. After carefully reviewing the entire menu I decided to start with the gourmet lettuce wraps. We ordered the pecking duck and vegetable fried rice as our entrée because it was enough for four people. Everything related to our dinners was outstanding, including the taste, texture and quality and we had plenty leftovers. Along with the food quality, the quality of customer service was top notch. When we arrived at the restaurant it was extremely crowded we were immediately greeted at the door and seated. Our waiter was very pleasant and knowledgeable about the menu. He took our

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