My Dream Thanksgiving!!!

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My Dream Thanksgiving!!!!(: Thanksgiving! A warm, loving and caring Holiday. Just eating playing x-box 360, watching movies, spending time with my love ones, eating more, sleeping, and waking up just to eat again. Yeah that’s what I like. I would have this Thanksgiving in my house. In this 34 feet long and 6 feet wide wooden table, filled with my favorite food specially that juicy flavored food that would make your mouth drop and watered like I’m doing right now, just by thinking about it. In the middle of the table 2 large stuffed turkeys 10 inches apart. The table would also have * Soft warm bread that just got out the oven; * Extra Hot Wings with fries, a lot of ranch; * Mom’s delicious Mexican style beans and rice and a lot of bacon to eat like I’ve never eaten before; * For the drinks would include unlimited Dr. Pepper, unlimited Pepsi, unlimited sweet tea, and unlimited hot drinks for the cold weather. * You can’t miss the veggie salad the sweet corn and the junk food; including chips some candy, and ice cream; My guest people would include my whole family even the ones that don’t really talk to us, Ronaldinho, Lionel messi, Cristiano Ronaldo all famous soccer players. My closest buddies would be there too so it won’t be boring! You know how true friends are when all together and no rules. Another really especial person, my grandpa would also be there. I would be laughing and smiling with wide big bright eyes and so happy I couldn’t explain the feeling I would feel of him being back with us in this world again. And of course I can’t miss god he would be there too. I would ask so many things to him and just let him talk and ask me about life anything he would like know as long as I would pass time with him. I would ask those famous soccer players how did they get to the top? What were there thoughts of becoming soccer players

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