Thanksgiving-A Descriptive Essay

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Thanksgiving As the leaves fall onto the ground, it is so warm outside. It is warm enough to get a family outside and start cooking a big meal. Thanksgiving is a special holiday that happens every fall. When families hang out, they usually occupy themselves with food, games, and football. My family either watches a football game or play football in the yard. Families usually play a game on a game system; in my case, it would be an Xbox 360 Kinect. My family on Thanksgiving makes so much food that could last a week or two and still be fresh. When my brothers and I put butter on the turkey and season it all over, it does smell good, but it smells better when the turkey is in the oven. Then we grab all the potatoes and rinse them off with cold running water. We cut each potato into dices and put all the potato dices into a pan to let them boil. While we cooked potatoes and a turkey, with my dads help, my brothers and I put a ham with pineapples on a grill. The smoke coming off the grill about an hour later really made me so hungry. Who likes pie on Thanksgiving? I love pies; my favorite is cherry pie. My mom, my sister, and I had made so much pies around Thanksgiving. We made apple, pumpkin, chocolate pudding, pecan, fudge, and cherry pie. Usually, we would have enough to last a few weeks of desserts. While the food was cooking, my family would get ready for a game. Recently, a new game system has been brought into the world. It is called an Xbox 360 Kinect. The Kinect makes people play a video game without a controller, so you do not have to sit down and play. It was design for a healthier game activity. My family on holidays love being active for the day. So when my aunts and uncles come over with there kids, my brothers and sister would play with their cousins. Sometimes after the kids would go outside and play, the teenagers and adults played on the Kinect.

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