Chipotle: Restaurant Review

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Tiybas Restaurant Review The restaurant that I visited was Chipotle. It is located on 865 Rockville Pike Rockville M.D, 20851. It serves food like burritos, tacos, burrito bowl and salad. The specials during the week are chips and guacamole.The price is excellent for the size. They do not do catering and you don’t have to have a reserivations.It also has a kids menu; On the kids menu it serves taco kit and a single taco. The taco kit I have to build myself. Overall this is the restaurant I visited. The restaurant chipotle is very simple. There is no music inside. The employees wear aprons and t-shrits.The colors of the walls are red, tan and white. It was very loud inside. There was a lot of trash because there were a lot of people.…show more content…
Chipotle has some American food and some Mexican food. It also serves vegetarian food.The burrito bowl tasted so good I felt like eating it everyday.Also on the kids menu there is a taco kit where you can build it.All of those food are my favorite foods.This is why Chipotle is a excellent restaurant. My friend Annas favorite restaurant is Chipotle for many reasons.She chooed this restaurant because the food was tasty and it is half Mexican food.The part she did not like is when it was so loud.she heard this restaurant when there was people holding signs saying its grand opening.She wants to encourage people to come to chipotle by letting them taste the foodShe comes to this restaurant four times a month. Those are the reasons why Chipotle is her favorite restaurant. The restaurant Chipotle is an excellent restaurant. Chipotle serves tasty food and also served vegetarian food. Some of the foods are burrito, burrito bowl and salad. Inside the restaurant it has very pretty flowers. The employees are dress regular. The rice and the bean taste so good I could eat it everyday! My friend Anna comes to this restaurant three or four times a month. I recommend the restaurant Chipotle to anyone who likes to eat Mexican or vegetarian food. This is why Chipotle is a good

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