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Prof. Barrison HUM2210 Local Cultural Exploration One of the fantastic things about living in the Tampa Bay area is the great weather year round to aid residents and visitors in enjoying all of the marvelous activities, festivities, and events that the Bay area has to offer. Visitors of all ages can enjoy everything from theme parks such as Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, the Disney parks, and the Universal parks to the beautiful Gulf Coast Beaches. If your more into the educational fun, the Bay area offers a multiple variety of museums where children can fly an airplane, pilot a ship and even build a city while…show more content…
The ‘Thanks for the Memories’ exhibit is a memorabilia celebrating the last fifteen years, and fifty-three exhibits. ‘Thanks for the Memories’ begins with photos and illustrations of Maas Brothers and moves into the “blockbuster” exhibitions, and even the Cuban Missile Crisis. The most popular exhibit for the Florida International Museum was the Titanic exhibit in 1997 with an attendance of 830,019 people during its six-month existence at the museum. The Titanic exhibit wasn’t only the Florida International Museum’s most highly attended exhibit but it was the most highly attended exhibit in the United States for the proceeding three years. I remember taking a field trip to visit the Titanic exhibit while I was in elementary school. I remember in the beginning of the exhibit everyone received a card with a passenger’s name and other information on it and at the end you found out if the passenger survived or not. Although I don’t remember if the passenger I received survived the wreck, I do remember the, what seemed like millions, of artifacts that were on display. I remember looking at a replica of a third-class cabin and a first-class suite. Personal items of different passengers were on display as well, such as clothing items, including shoes, jewelry, toiletries, beauty items for men and women, mail, plates, utensils and even money. Items that were once a part of the eight hundred plus…show more content…
If events like the Honda Grand Prix, Festival of the States, and Gasparilla were year- round then we would just get burnt out and quit going, that’s my theory at least. So, when St. Pete’s Party in the Parks crowded the downtown area, I was rather excited. I began my exploration near the Northshore area where I found various tents of different ethnicities. I assume I’ve stumbled upon the Folk Fair. I visited Fijian, German, Filipino, Polynesian, Serbian, Polish, Russian, Scottish, Ukrainian, Thai, Italian, and Vietnamese tents. The very first thing that came to mind when witnessing the Folk Fair was Disney’s Epcot. In my opinion, one of the best things about different cultures is the food, so I obviously couldn’t wait to taste the heritage. I was slightly disappointed to realize that I’ve tasted most of what as offered, until I ran into the Germans. A German man made me what seemed like a cinnamon apple pancake, and it was paradise in my mouth. Another taste of perfect was fried Oreo’s. I know, I know. Fried Oreo’s, how American, right? After consuming the best five hundred calories ever I decided to see what else St. Pete’s Party in the Parks had to offer. I strolled past the Vinoy Resort and towards the Yacht Club but nothing beat my experience at the Folk Fair, so I proceeded back. I seemed

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