Bon-Appetite Restaurant Essay

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Bon-appetite Restaurant Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Bon-Appetite is the new restaurant in town located along the 5th avenue opposite the famous Wal-Mart stores. This restaurant has an elegant space with a breeze that people encounter upon entry. There is a renaissance ceiling and the classic gothic walls that harbours the background music. The beautiful surrounding of the restaurant makes one feel as if he is in a small heaven. The restaurant has a wine bar, a food café, a casino, guest rooms and an open-air space for matches, entertainment and events. The chefs and waiters in the restaurant are those specially trained for the job. They are there at the service of the customer. The Bon-Appetite restaurant has staff with enough experience in their respective duties. The managing director is a woman who has served in the food industry for more than seven years. She has the best customer service skills and is an apt listener who always regards the customers with respect (Kimes, 2011, P.190). The combined efforts of all these staff will ensure accurate services that one will feel pampered and feel relaxed. The chefs at the Bon-appetite restaurant can prepare any delicious meal upon request; be it an Indian meal, European meals, Asian dishes, the African dishes, or even the Chinese food. The specially- trained waiters does welcome, handle, and serve customers as if they were at their homes. The genuine local ingredients play crucial roles in the preparations of meals, which are then served as buffet. There are a variety of choices of vegetables, red meat, white meat, soups, fruits and desserts. The choice of the meal, its ingredients, and the method of cooking is unlimited and as directed by the customer. Remember, your wish is our command. The imagination of what the restaurant looks like is what will make one visit

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