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Chipotle Swot Analysis

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Assignment 1 SWOT Analysis – Chipotle Mexican Grill

      Christie Brake

      Dr. Timothy Sherman

      Business 101

      October 28, 2013

      Chipotle Mexican Grill is a “fast-casual” restaurant that was established in 1993.   They offer high-quality raw ingredients all while cooking in a more conventional way unlike you normal “fast food” facility.   They pride themselves in many aspects of their business such as the design of their restaurants, the quality of their food, the fresh organic products that they use.   It is stated that the interior of their facilities are designed as a high end establishment, making a more welcoming atmosphere to a higher end corporate crowd, but also having it to be o the edgy side in order to no leave out the simplest of the college kids.   As for their food supply, they have made a point to become aware of where all of the sources of their products so that they can be sure they are providing the best of quality foods.   I will discuss different strengths about Chipotle Mexican Grill as well as weaknesses they made need to improve on.

      While being an avid customer at Chipotle myself I can vouch that you can be sure to have a very pleasurable experience when dining with them.   Within the research that I have done I have only come up with more reason to continue to be a customer at Chipotle.   One of the main strengths that I feel they hold is the relationship that the company holds with the suppliers.   They have always used a better quality of food and more conventional ways of cooking then their competitors, but they have evolved within their supplies.   With growing as much as they have and to keep their customer base they have become more aware of where it is that their food is coming from.   This allowing them to be sure that they are still offering the best of ingredients.   Also, while having such a great rapport with the suppliers this allows them to keep the cost...

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