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Kali Mitchell MGT 260 MARKETING PLAN FOR MCDONALD’S NEW PRODUCT This year McDonald’s is planning to expand its market by introducing a new product this year. We are planning to expand on our mission statement to "be our customers' favorite place and way to eat" by allowing our customers to have easier access to our foods at any hour and anywhere by forming and marketing a new frozen meal line through various grocery stores and supermarkets. We plan to market a McDonald’s Brand of frozen meals similar to what is available in a happy meal. These meals will include McDonalds French fries and double cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets and French fries, these meals will include a sauce of either ketchup or barbeque sauce. We plan to market them through supermarkets all over the country of United States of America. The current situation for McDonald’s is a food service provider. This company provides fast food burgers, chicken products, and fries at convenient locations. All of our foods can be produced within a few minutes time. Our branding is well recognizable in almost every country by a double, golden arch that makes the shape of the letter “m”. Other areas of brand recognition are the children’s character that we have developed named “Ronald McDonald”, which is a clown that helps to promote the kids meals and kid culture we try to cater to also. Another way we distinguish ourselves is our motto that is used often in commercials and can be used in our new products commercials which is the “I’m lovin’ it” phrase. Our new product will be a classic McDonald’s meal only it will be frozen and sold in a frozen tray packaging. We want to expand our brand so that we can be readily available for our consumer’s consumption at any time of day or night by being located in our consumer’s freezer. Our packaging includes mostly paper wrapping or cardstock boxes with

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