Jones Soda Essay

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Situation Analysis Jones Soda Company is a large producer of unique soda pop. Jones Soda prides itself with unique flavors for their soda pop, candy, juice and ice popsicles. This Company is well known in the United States and targets customers of all ages, the young with its youthful flavors and the more mature age group for the unique placement of where Jones Soda is sold. You can find Jones Soda in many party stores with the flavors that youthful buyers would like to find, and you can find Jones Soda in specialty restaurants which would be more for the mature age group. When analyzing Jones Soda, internal and external environments would prove that the Company is proud of the soda that they produce and the quality of the soda and the unique flavors. Also, Jones Soda is proud of the total reputation that the Company has of their product and how employees are treated. But weakness can be found with the limit of where Jones Soda is sold and the different amount of flavors that are being sold. Marketing Objectives Jones Soda has set some marketing objectives which would make Jones Soda more noticeable, increase sales and introduce new interesting flavors. • more advertisement • healthier flavors • larger diet soda flavors • adding a juice product Marketing Strategies To add to advertising and flavors, Jones Soda will try to complete the following strategies: 1. Target Market Strategy: Jones Soda will continue to target the existing consumers while focusing on more upscale locations to sell the soda, like large hotels, country clubs, spas, high schools tattoo parlors, skate shops. 2. Positioning Strategy: Jones Soda will choose to place their product in an unique fashion which would show this soda as being the up scale soda pop. 3. Product strategy: Jones Soda will introduce more flavors in the diet line of soda and new flavors that would
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