Mkt 421 Week 9 Final Paper

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Marketing Julianne Loveless University of Phoenix Facilitator: Robin Reis November 9, 2009 Marketing. What is marketing? Is marketing a necessary process for an organization? What is the importance of marketing to an organization’s success? The author will discuss and analyze these questions in the following paper. What is marketing? Several working definitions of marketing are present in today’s business culture. “The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines it as “an organizational…show more content…
The failure of many marketing campaigns can be attributed to over looking this key element. The Coca-Cola Company forgot the governing rule of marketing when developing New Coke 20 years ago. Did current consumers of Coca-Cola want or need a NEW coke? Based on national reaction the answer would be no. If the client’s needs would have been foremost the current customer base may have been polled to determine to the reaction to a NEW coke? Taste tests would be part of the polling. As the goal of marketing is to increase sales/profits, it would be important to poll consumers who currently favor the competitor’s products. What could Coca-Cola do to gain them as a customer? What are their wants, needs, expectations in a cola? This information would be reviewed and appropriate decisions made - does Coca-Cola offer a new type of cola to fill their needs? Taste tests again would be part of the information gathering process. Has the organization made a new cola that suits these consumer’s needs? If so an innovative promotional campaign would need to be

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