Rhetorical Analysis on Advertisement

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Risk of the Great Taste of Bud Light: Varieties of businesses use advertising as a way to get their products out into the public so they can sell. Some use different methods of advertising to reach their audience such as billboards, commercial, internet, and even flyers. It is not so easy to say “Hey buy my product.” you have to catch the attention of the audience who you are seeking to sell your products. It has to have reasoning to it and you also have to be able to persuade the audience why should they buy your product or why is your product better than the other competitors. Beer makers have been searching for the perfect beer commercial nearly since television exploded onto the American scene in the late 1940s. In those pioneer days, nobody not the advertisers, not the ad agencies, not the TV stations knew exactly what made for a good commercial. Unlike other beers, a Bud Light commercial has a time-tested formula that has proven to capture viewers’ attention nonstop. By show-casing the delightfulness of the product, offering an eye-catching set up, Bud Light successfully argues that drinking their fresh, smooth, real beer will have any beer fanatic so hooked that he or she will be willing to risk his or her life for it. Bud Light takes advantage of their name and amusing reputation to relate to society with combination of sex appeal and humor consequently to make their wide demographic of men understand the desire in drinking their beer. Their commercials have always been notorious for their sense of humor and millions look forward to them during the annual Super Bowl because of their renowned history. They address their beer is trustworthy but they show their advertisements are too, same as the beer, they never let you down. This commercial uses a very smart strategy to present their argumentation. There

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