Rhetorical Analysis

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Cynthia G. Sanchez Introduction to Rhetorical Theory September 30, 2013 Old Spice Advertisement; “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Introduction Smell like a man, was a television advertisement authored by Wieden+Kennedy on behalf of Old Spice, it is played by an actor named Isaiah Mustafa. The actor is confident male who maintains eye contact with the audience to ensure he captures their maximum attention. He is a former NFL player who is well known for his humor and romantic statements. The advertisement information in the video tells me about the actor since he talks about how men should smell. His personal information is not stated directly in the advert. The author created the advertisement to influence women who usually make most of the buying decisions for their men and other female members of the family. This advert was produced with an intention of persuading the audience to purchase their product. The target audiences are both men and women, since women are the ones making buying decisions for most men. This advertising strategy is always designed to encourage the target audience to make purchases, repurchases and increase brand loyalty (Moore & Wiliiam, 37). Old Spice made this advertisement not only to make their product to be recognized in the market place, but also to ensure customers shift to their product. This advertisement captures men by ensuring they reach out to the needs of women. It gives the image of how an ideal man should smell by creating a sexual theme that attracts attention of customers. Target audience of the advert The target audience of this advert is men through women as stated earlier. This is because in the society, the extremely smart and effective method of selling a product that is used by males is to make it

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