Diet Coke Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents Executive summary 1 1. Introduction 2 2. A SWOT Analysis 3 a) Strengths 3 b) Weaknesses 4 c) Opportunities 4 d) Threats 5 3. Company objectives 5 a) Measurable objectives 5 b) Sustainability objectives 6 4.Target Markets 6 a) Lifestyle segment 7 b) Innovative segment 7 c) Family segment 7 5. Marketing Mix 8 5.1 Product strategies 8 a) Key consideration 8 b) Product strategies 9 5.2 Distribution strategies 11 a) The role of distribution 11 b) Physical distribution 13 5.3 Promotion strategies 14 a) Promotion objectives and Factors that affects promotional mix 14 b) Promotional mix decisions 15 c) Integrated Marketing Communication 16 5.4 Price strategies 16 a) Price objectives 16 b) Prices policies 17 c) Prices settings 17 6. Implementation 18 7. Control 20 8. References 23 Executive summary The Coca Cola Company is the leader in soft drink industry. According to the vision that has been set out in their report, the Coca Cola Company aims at build better environment, better quality of products and strong relationship with their partner. The main competitor of this company is Pepsi Company who offers similar drinks and prices to them. This company offers customers the wide range of products. However, Diet Coke will be chosen due to its benefits and popularity. A SWOT analysis, company objectives, target market, marketing mix, implementation and control will be given to give a clear perspective of Diet Coke’s marketing plan. In a SWOT analysis, regarding strengths, the Coca Cola Company has a high profile of branding, financial resources and customer loyalty. However, there are some weaknesses should be taken into account namely quality of products and unhealthy drinks. Development

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