Unit 4: Marketing Plan - Developing Strong Brands

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This is a Brand Extension Marketing Plan on McThirst Tea, as a new product for McDonalds Restaurant. GB530: Marketing Management Unit 4: Marketing Plan - Developing Strong Brands Brand Extension Marketing Plan McThirst Tea Phyllis Rhyne-Bright November 26, 2014 3.5 Positioning McThirst Tea meets the needs of the target market segment by offering a health conscious beverage for on-the-go individuals with very little time for waiting in lengthy lines; this drink is a perfect choice. McThirst will have the upper hand over other brands because of the unique and exclusive flavors. A couple of drops of the liquid additive of McThirst Tea will enhance the typical bottled water. To accommodate larger bottles of water the customer can incorporate additional drops of the liquid additive. Patrons will be fascinated and interested in McThirst Tea with it convenience, small packaging, and its unique design to prevent spills. 3.7 Marketing Mix Product McThirst is different from the competition because of the ease of use along with the convenience of use for the consumer. McThirst will increase profits because it will motivate patrons to purchase the new product. Exhaustion during the day time hours and incidences of reduced metabolism is due to the body’s dehydration. Consuming McThirst Tea will enable the patrons to eliminate incidences of dehydration because it carries the required ingredients to supplement patrons with particular health issues with hydration ingredients such as electrolytes (sodium and potassium), seven grams of carbohydrates to fuel muscles, and thirty calories to create energy for muscles. Other essential ingredients included are magnesium and calcium. Price McDonalds’ affordable product pricing is what makes them stand out as compared to competition. McThirst can be added to their $1.00 beverage menu.

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