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1) Do you think Coca-Cola has used corporate social responsibility principles in addressing the obesity crisis? Explain in detail I believe Coca-Cola has used corporate social responsibility or CSR principles in addressing the obesity crisis. When watching their commercial called ‘Coming together(p.37).’, I realized that Coca-Cola really is trying to make a difference in society. As stated in MKTG, CSR principles are used by managers for ‘the long-range best interests of the company and the company’s relationship to the society within which it operates’. Coca-Cola is probably doing better now and will probably do even better financially in the future because of all their new products. Since they have started to decrease the sugar and calories in many of their products, it is helping the society to decrease obesity with their drinks and also is helping their company to do better since their consumers want to buy their products. In the book, we talk about sustainability. I believe that Coca-Cola’s new products, new commercial, and new perspective is sustainable. As stated in MKTG, sustainability ‘refers to the idea that socially responsible companies will outperform their peers by focusing on the world’s social problems and viewing them as opportunities to build profits and help the world at the same time(p.38)’. I believe that Coca-Cola is sustainable in the way that they are focuses on the world’s social problem by wanting to stop or lower the amount of obese people as they said in their commercial and as it says in the article. They get to also make more profit that way by having the people that want to lose weight buying their new products with few or zero calories. 2) Why is it important for corporations like Coca-Cola to consider social and environmental issues in their decision making process? It is important for corporations like Coca-Cola to

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