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Financial Analysis Mindy Joy Mayer XACC/280 04/28/2013 Mark Detka Financial Analysis I am going to do a comparison on PepsiCo and see whether they have growth or losses to their revenues. I will also be doing a Coca-Cola comparison and show the difference from PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. There are three different ratios that will explain the financial out look for these companies and it will show if investments made are making money. The first ratio is Liquidity Ratio, which measures the short-term ability for the company to pay and to meet unexpected needs for cash. The second ratio is Profitability Ratio, which measures the income or operating success for a period of time. The third ratio is Solvency Ratio, which measures the ability…show more content…
It showed that 2011 figure was increased by 7.3%. Coco-Cola is one of the largest and well-known beverage company all-over the world as Coca-Cola sells beverages to more than 200 countries. Coco-Cola could make a long-term investment at the current price, the valuation given the ratios to be margin in a safe way. Revenue Growth: 8.5%. Cash flow Growth: 8%. Dividend Yield: 2.90%. Dividend Growth: 9% (Alden, 2011). Coca-Cola has additionally grown offering 14 brands to the company making a profit of $1 billion or more in annual sales, the company sold $25.5 billion unit case and had revenue of $35.119 billion in 2010 (Alden, 2011). Coca-Cola has grown its’ revenue rapidly over 5 years, this brought about an important highlight for the company in between 5 years, so the company earned about 8.5% in annual revenue growth. Revenue Growth Year | Revenue | 2010 | $35.119 billion | 2009 | $30.990 billion | 2008 | $31.944 billion | 2007 | $28.857 billion | 2006 | $24.088 billion…show more content…
They can do somehow a better job in making sound investments and control the marketing with their products. I see that there were some challenges from some years especially when PepsiCo and Coco-Cola were at a war to compete each other with their businesses. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are a few years apart, but both of them are well known and have such popularity with people drinking their sodas. Coca-Cola has been trying to surpass PepsiCo in their annual sales; however, from review, PepsiCo somehow has the highest number in their annual sales than Coca-Cola. PepsiCo has shown the best current ratio and is able to pay off their debts, which Coca-Cola does not have that and is struggling to pay off their debts. However, Coca-Cola has a higher retained earnings percentage, which means that it is able to have funds available for future growth of the company. The hope for both companies is to provide their financial statement with better information presented over their competitor giving the ability to earn more investors. PepsiCo and Coca-Cola do not need to be at war with each other as they have what it takes to get people to use both products, no matter what. Keep in mind, that it is the people’s choice whether or not to support a company and decide whether to invest in the company not competing against each

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