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Pick the three (3) values you feel the authors of our textbook were most inaccurate about in the chapter describing the current American values. Justify your answers. In regards to this book the author seems inaccurate when it comes to hard work/leisure, limited/extended family and tradition/change. To me the author seem inaccurate with his explanations when it comes to the area of hard work/leisure because Americans love to relax, they love vacations but like it is many cannot afford this because of their income level. It is clear that many of them work not because they are hard working by nature but because they have bills that are more than what they make, so many are bound to do more than two jobs just to meet up, and this will eventually goes to statistics as hard working but it is not, it is working to make ends meet. Also when it comes to limited/extended family I believe he is inaccurate because Americans now value extended family more than before, where family was…show more content…
This is clear because they are the strongest behind the global warming issues, coming up with hybrid cars so as to reduce the pollution of the environment, encouraging recycling, go green which is the talk of the time and many other aspects that encourages to keep the environment safe. For instance the increase in the consumption of organic food shows that the Americans not only believe it is good for their health; they also believe it is good for the environment because the lesser the chemicals use in growing food, the lesser the chemicals being used in the environment that will not only pollute the air but also affects our water that we drink. This therefore implies the American society today is more concern with keeping the environment safe than lavishing on big stuff like cars, though people still buy big stuff but they put more in encouraging to keep the environment

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