bilingual workers Essay

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The article “Paga ser Bilingue” by Domenico Maceri discusses why workers should be reward for being bilingual. Growing immigrant population in the United States that is not fluent in English requires providing more services in different languages. Many government agencies and American companies are looking to hire bilingual employees. Instead of hiring expensive professional interpreters, the companies prefer save money by providing stipends for multilingual workers. However, some people disagree with providing services in different languages because emigrants will never learn English. In fact, it is not true in real life. Providing services in languages other than English helps people integrate into new culture easily and faster. I agree with the author that people should get stipend for being bilingual. First, extra skills and additional knowledge should be reward. People spend a lot of time and more money for learning foreign language. These skills they can use to provide better service for companies. Thus, companies should prize their employees. In addition, having additional skills and receiving bonuses is good motivation for other workers. Most people in the United States do not speak or write a second language. However, if they know that salary depends of being bilingual they will work hard and learn foreign language. In addition, knowing a second language is important to many companies. Americans companies are looking for workers with bilingual skills because of growing immigrant population in the United States and because they are doing more business in foreign countries. An ability employee to speak and write in several languages is necessary to provide good service for different ethnic groups in U.S. as well as in foreign countries. Also, “having to hire professional interpreters can be prohibitively expensive” (D. Maceri). It is cheaper for companies
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