The Green Movement and Professionalism

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Adopting the green movement may sound time consuming, but the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages. Simple actions such as recycling, carpooling, and reusing disposable items can contribute to less waste and pollution. Living and contributing to an eco-friendly environment extends past just the individual. Companies are producing green cleaners, pesticides, and biodegradable packaging, along with other household products that are considered green because they are not an environmental hazard. Employers are making sure that all cleaners are clearly labeled whether they are considered caustic or not. OSHA has strict standards regarding the labeling, use, and disposal of products used in the workplace. Going green has helped contribute to less fines and violations because companies are using safer cleaning products. With the introduction of green products comes consumer spending. Consumers who invest in green goods and services can help stimulate the economy by supporting the movement and increasing the supply and demand. In addition to economic growth, affordable green products, and services that are eco-friendly, comes the demand for new jobs. Companies will be looking for indivials that are focused and educated on supporting the green movement growing and moving forward. With job creation and growth, comes a healthy economy and consumers that invest in a healthy, green environment. In conclusion, going green can be anything from using cloth bags at the grocery store to driving a cleaner running vehicle. Companies and individuals can use OSHA guidelines to keep current on new standards and the green movement. I believe we live in a world full of disposables. Trash seems to collect everywhere, and more products are packaged in containers that are not environmentally friendly. Life is so busy, and convenience packaging is often selected over a product that
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