Marketing Strategies Of Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola’s appeal is widespread bringing financial gain through its broad based marketing strategies. Growing up it was a welcome treat and as an adult it is a staple. The company however has not been without some level of setbacks as noted in the text. It faced issues in some markets. One noted Top Trend Challenge is that of “increasing concern for the environment”. The text relates that Coca-Cola met resistance from markets that were hesitant about the health benefits of the product due to its high sugar content. Other markets were concerned about the actual production, concerned about the labor at the plants, referring to it as “child labour sweat shops”. I include these as environmental issues, along with the concerns for the environmental…show more content…
The Triple Bottom Line includes addressing “profits, the employees, and the environment as a whole”. (McKinsey, n.d) Companies, like Coca-Cola have taken steps to better manage their carbon footprint through earth safe products with the long term goal in mind, to foster their market, their consumers. To persuade change in company production, the consumers, through their governmental legislation and through global connectivity have been able to pressure companies including Coke, to embrace the necessary changes that benefit the health of the consumer and the environment. Since Coke’s marketplace covers a broad spectrum of consumers, and with the advent of the internet and the means to relay that connection globally, consumers are now connected and can share the common interest of protecting the earth and its…show more content…
In order to gain these added views, connectivity and its partner mobility are relied upon. The text notes that by mid 2008 1.4 billion people were online with the number increasing. (, 2000) In order to achieve connectivity, mobility comes into play in order to for creative persons to collaborate on a global scale. ITU Newsroom suggests that in 2008, 4 billion people or 60% of the population were technologically mobile. This allows for real time collaboration of ideas and easier access to investigate, record and report company misdeeds, including non adherence to environmental pollution laws and labour laws. Some of the implemented ideas by company officials and outside sources include adjusting the nutritional value of the product. While the original recipe remains, Coke has created or acquired for sale, sugar free, sugar less drinks and even water. They have also adjusted the serving size of their products and show the nutritional value of their products on the labels, to give the consumer personal command of their

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