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 How would you rate Scholfield Honda's sense of social responsibility? Does the dealership meet all the criteria for a socially responsible company? With their decisions to promote and supply an alternative energy that is cleaner than the current standard, as well as supplying the infrastructure to support this new form of energy, I believe they have indeed met the criteria for a socially responsible company. Also by promoting the Honda brand which has been manufacturing these alternative energy vehicles since 1970, they are helping to make not only the brand, but the technology more visible in the public eye.  What is Scholfield Honda's primary ethical responsibility in situations where a proposed green initiative is cost-prohibitive or even detrimental to the company's bottom line? The main responsibility here was to his company, to make sure that it remained financially stable. The “Green” effort was secondary to his ethical responsibility. The option of promoting the natural gas vehicles to his corporate and fleet consumers allowed him to not only protect the foundation of his business of selling vehicles to public consumers, but to also allow him another market completely without risking his established business.  Should the government regulate companies' claims that their products are green? Should official classifications for environmental friendliness be defined? As with any claim, there needs to be a third party who defines the standard. Without a third party to define the minimum requirements to make their claim, any company could go around making claims that their product is the best one, or that it is the “greenest”. Whether or not this needs to a government entity or not is up for debate. It doesn’t really matter who sets the standard, just so long as it is open for public and capital debate, and set as a regulatory factor in the business.

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