The Age Of Spin Analysis

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Josefina Medina Anthony Burman English 100 Assignment #3 fresh & easy …Is it Really Our Neighborhood Market? Have you ever though about the influence that commercials have in your life? What about the influence over the mind of your little ones? Have you noticed that kids ask for every toy or food they see in commercials? Propaganda is everywhere and it works inside little minds and inside grown minds too. In the article “The Age of Spin” Mark Sommer says, “Underlying PR is an spoken assumption that most people are not capable of intelligent, independent thought and action “for the grater good” they must be programmed en masse to act in prescribed ways” (Sommer p.2).…show more content…
As well, “Sentimentality” which is a literary device used to make people respond emotionally, but usually in a way more than is needed. Both are types of propaganda techniques that have been used by many companies because the hidden messages work pretty well for them. I feel that the use of these techniques can be essential for this company because they make people think the company is promoting healthy foods, which will lead to healthy bodies and at the same time they support the idea that quick meals can be healthy too. For these reasons the customers will buy their products. Now, many people look for ways to utilize their life schedules to the maximum. They also may want to incorporate easy-quick meals to save time and stay healthy at the same time. Having the knowledge of these needs can be a very helpful tool to most of the business. However, are the stores owners really thinking of the public…show more content…
This technique plays with our feelings. Fresh & easy uses this strategy to play with our emotions and by doing that they can influence or persuade us to a certain extent to buy their products over other stores. One example is when they use the word “Neighborhood”. This word means a lot to the low or middle class, so they use our feelings to buy their products from their store because we as human beings have the need to fit in within our community. They try to gain our consideration by emphasizing that as good neighbors they care about the environment by being “Green”. This means they maximize the natural light, use LED lighting and use recycled materials because it is good for our planet. Good for our neighborhood and good for our budget. In their website Tim Mason, who is the CEO of fresh & easy says, “We are trying to set global example by measuring and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, helping to stimulate the development of low carbon technology and by empowering consumers by providing them with choice, value and information”. By using this quote, fresh & easy is playing with our wishes of having a better place to live and to leave for future generations. We as parents feel responsible of leaving a good place to leave for our children. For this reason people feel sentimental and willing to buy their products. In addition, using the word “empowering” give us the sense that we have the power to make things happen, to

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