Buy Nothing Day: Good Cause, Bad Idea

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Tommy Gladysz Ms. Vierneisel AP Language and Composition – 8 December 4, 2011 Buy Nothing Day: Good Cause, Bad Idea The Buy Nothing Day, which was first introduced in 1992, would not quench the thirst of the behemoth of an economy that is the United States. The Buy Nothing Day, as first introduced in Canada in 1992, would not decrease consumerism in the long run, and it would not be accepted in American society. The world depends on what the U.S. economy does, and there is no chance of Americans, or the whole world for that matter, in adopting the practice of consuming less. The Buy Nothing Day would be a cause in which some hippies and college students take part in, but on the global scale, it would never work. America has the largest…show more content…
Even if countries began to buy less, the implications of their actions on the global village would be catastrophic. If consumption goes down, then less people will be required to work and companies will have to start making cuts to their workforce because they are turning in less profit. The Buy Nothing Day would throw the world into a deeper recession then it already is in. America and the rest of the world have to consume more and spend its way out of the recession and debt. The United States was built on the principle of having debt and spending its way out of it. The more that America spent, the more other countries began to borrow money to it. The U.S. was always able to spend its way out of debt and create new jobs and opportunities for people. This day and age, it is no different. The entire world is hooked on consumerism, and now is not that time to try and cut down on it. The 21st century was built upon consumerism, and it must continue its relationship throughout the years to…show more content…
They argue the Buy Nothing Day would wake the world to take on the environmental problems that consumerism has created. This argument is flawed. and wrong. Consumerism has created new ways of recycling products and much more. Companies are forced to create safer products for the public to use, and also learn to make better with fewer resources. Corporations must invent new ways to cut down on their waste and work with less to create more. Corporations work diligently to cut down their use of water and electricity and other essential needs. They have educated the public about the importance of recycling used products and keeping their environment clean. Over consumption has led to many cures and medicines being created, and has made the world a better and safer place then it once was. The Buy Nothing Day would only hinder the progress that mankind has made in keeping the environment intact. The way of life in the 21st century has and will be defined by consumerism. Consumerism has lifted nations out of recessions and created millions of jobs and opportunities. The Buy Nothing Day is just a way for environmentalists to voice their theories about how to fix the environment. Consumerism is well on its way to improve the life of humankind everywhere, while making sure to take the environment along for the

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