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Scholfield Honda- Going Green with Honda 1. How would you rate Scholfield Honda’s sense of social responsibility? Does the dealership meet all the criteria for a socially responsible company? I would rate Scholfield Honda’s sense of social responsibility very high. In my opinión I think Scholfield Honda meets all the criteria to be considered a socially responsible company. Since the early 1970s the Honda company has been producing low-emissions and fuel efficient cars in order to increase their effors to reduce pollution.One example of social responsability is when a devasting tornado hit Kansas and Scholfield Honda donated two cars to Greensburg as a way of helping to rebuild the town. 2.What is Scholfield Honda’s primary ethical responsibility in situations where a proposed green initiative is cost- prohibitive or even detrimental to the company’s bottom line? Scholfied Honda’s owner primary ethical responsibility is to protect his business. Roger Scholfield was opened to new ways to promote his business but he did not want to risk his company, promoting an impractical vehicle to the regular consumer, but offering the vechicle to corporate and his fleet in the community he started a good line of going green. 3. Should the government regulate companies’ claims that their products are green? Should official classifications for environmental friendliness be defined? Yes, It's the great importante for many company to minimise the impact that their products have on the environment ,but it's totally unacceptable for companies to make false claims. Many consumers think that a lot of companies pretended to be green just to charge higher

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