Dbq Essay On Advertising

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Advertisement, commonly viewed as a way to promote a product, is more than what it seems. In the present day, critics view advertisements as a propaganda that guides the audience the wrong direction. Mr. Schrank suggest that some people who watch advertisements are vulnerable to the “ad’s attacks.”(Doc. E) However, I disagree, advertisements are informative to our daily lives; without them our world would probably fall apart. They do just more than promote a product; an advertisement helps wage for jobs, educate people, and also explains how to make our lives better. (Doc, D) Maria Culpa says advertisements are necessities of life, which is true. (Doc. C) The ads on posters, magazines, billboards, mail, internet, television, cars and so on are what keep countries in a unwavering economic state. When analyzed, ads can be seen as a way to assist countries in a lot of diverse ways. First, advertisements need people to generate them, which open up job opportunities. Second, they also provide money for newspapers, magazines, radio, and websites that solely run on the money gained from advertising to the people. Third, it educates about how to use a…show more content…
Posters like the Red Cross: Give Blood helps people to realized that there are ways for them to helps other people in need. (Doc. A) Most people forget about blood drives, these posters advertise the knowledge of where to obtain information on how to give blood. This is just one example of how advertisement helps our society. Although advertisements seem as a positive addition to countries in need of a stable economy, it is a enormous impact on people’s lives. (Doc. E) Without it, people wouldn’t know the latest fashion style, the best car, or the new developed drink and it would keep people in a boring routine of buying the same products and not exploring. Even though advertisements try to influence people’s decisions, it is up to the people as consumers to make moral
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