Rhetorical Analysis On Find Your Greatness

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Find Your Greatness The commercials embedded in today’s television to “motivate” normal people are getting into the heads of obese people, whether intentional or not, are actually doing the opposite which is hurting them. Motivating commercials are supposed to help people get off the couch to get active and “find their greatness.” As we all know commercials and ads all over the world have been aimed to get out, get physical, and get into better shape. This ad is full of silence except the steady shuffle of each step the overweight jogger takes, that is heard getting louder the closer he gets. With the almost silence of the commercial the deep voice says, “greatness is no more unique to us than breathing; we are all capable of it” (Nike).…show more content…
Their target audience is anyone trying to get fit; however, the ads are only helping people that are in good physical condition. This commercial tries to connect with the audience by using the pathos from feeling bad for overweight jogger but out of shape people might think they are too far out of touch with their physical bodies to keep up with the demand placed in the ads. By picking near perfect models to wear tight fitting clothes, the ones who cannot fit or dream of fitting in those clothes are slumping into a bigger depressive state. This problem does not only associate with over weight people, but also people with other problems. Nike is emotional hurting others by making them see things that they cannot…show more content…
They need to do more things that involve everyday people trying to get in good shape. Despite what most critics think these commercials are hurting more than helping. Greatness is not only for the naturally gifted chosen athletes; greatness can be achieved by any hardworking person not wanting to take the easy way out. Nike is a major sporting retailer and has the ability to influence the obese community by changing their commercial strategies and target audience. Obesity has become a big issue in America and instead of motivating others to get fit; it would be more beneficial to help people by giving them the steps to “find their

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