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Drew Allert Wedemeyer 2A Synthesis Essay The world has a limited supply of natural resources, most everyone can agree on this fact. The controversy that comes with the idea of “going green” is the way to treat these resources, while knowing this fact. Without natural resources, the earth cannot support life, and there are many who would say that America’s government should take the initiative to lead the rest of the world on being more “green”, to conserve the resources for future generations. The government has the authority to make this type of change- to pass laws in order to force companies and individuals to be more conservative. This power should be harnessed in order to save energy, money, and valuable resources so both our economy…show more content…
Government, as one of the most powerful administrations in the world, does have a significant amount of power that could be utilized in order to conserve these resources and benefit the economy, the country, and to an extent- the world. Robert Samuelson writes simply that if the government introduced anti-global warming laws, “fossil fuel prices [would] rise” and “consumers [would] quickly use less, and new supplies of ‘clean energy’ [would] magically materialize” (Source D). The amount of money it would take to “solve climate change, invest in a clean future, and save billions in imported oil”, would end up being around a dime per capita, per day. This low cost should be extremely appealing to the government, for “few things are more appealing in politics than something for nothing” (Source D). The government has already done a good job encouraging people to be more “green”, but the power they possess could improve the situation exponentially. In a study done by Magali Rheault, it was shown that over 70 percent of Americans try to use less water, avoid environmentally harmful products, and voluntarily recycle (Source E). This shows anyone that individuals do attempt to keep the environment unpolluted. However the government still needs to interfere more, because in a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, it was shown that “the typical family spends about $1,900 a year on home utility bills”, but a “large portion of that energy is wasted”, electricity puts “more
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